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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning

Our outdoor learning is an inspirational process that offers all children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

What is Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor Learning is a broad term that includes discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world, and engaging in adventure activities and outdoor sports.


Why do we do outdoor learning?

  • To develop self esteem, take personal responsibility, co-operate with and respect the needs of others;
  • To extend personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and its peoples around them;
  • To understand the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment;
  • To enhance practical problem solving and team work skills;
  • To promote a positive and knowledgeable response towards personal health and well being.


What do we do in outdoor learning?

  • Explore the surroundings and help to look after it;
  • Discover natural materials and objects throughout the seasons;
  • Use natural materials to be creative;
  • Use natural materials to build structures;
  • Learn the key steps and safety for creating fire;
  • Learn to identify plants and birds.


How does this link to the curriculum? 

  • Links to Science - identifying native trees, plants, birds and animals, properties of materials and habitats;
  • Links to D&T - using a range of different natural materials and building structures for a purpose;
  • Links to P.S.H.E - sharing ideas and thoughts, working individually, in pairs or small groups, provide constructive thoughts and feedback on each others work as well as understanding and respecting the environment around them;
  • Links to Geography - knowledge of the local environment and how it supports some animals including red deer and Exmoor ponies. Structures in terms of shelter and how different countries have different structures.

What do your children need to wear

Your child will need to bring in the following for each outdoor learning session:


  • Change of clothes: e.g. joggers/leggings and a warm fleece or jumper.
  • Waterproof coat and wellies


We have a supply of wellies and waterproofs we can lend your child if required.